To all the over eaters, secret eaters, and binge eaters...

Do you engage in eating behaviors that you regret later like overeating, secret eating, maybe even binge eating? And if you have a story like mine, you want to stop and just eat like a normal person, but for some reason these habits just won't go away! Frustration sets in and you may even feel like a failure because you are putting so much work into changing but these habits continue to take over!

These are common struggles people face because... well watch my video to see if these ring true for you!

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Health Coach Ruthie

Ruthie Mhanga loves to encourage others in finding joy in life! Ruthie finds joy in being a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. After concerns during her second pregnancy were discovered with her weight gain, Ruthie knew she had to do something about her destructive relationship with food and binge eating (especially doughnuts...). She has found freedom from food with the skill of mindful eating and hopes to encourage others that making peace with food is possible!

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