Seriously, This Was Plan C

Some of you are wondering why I am venturing into unknown territory and starting to launch an online Health Coaching business. So instead of telling everyone 100 times, I thought it best to post it here so I only have to tell it once.

It all started way back when my husband and I decided to have kids. We had heard how expensive kids were, but that didn't stop us. The opportunity to create a little life, love it, help it grow, and hopefully help it have a positive impact on the world was too alluring for us to pass up.

Now we have two wonderful boys. The oldest able to start preschool in the fall and the younger one is six months old and coming to work with me two days a week. I know am extremely blessed for that openness in my workplace.

So now we are facing the issue as a family of "How exactly are we going to afford preschool and childcare and everything else we were warned about before having kids?"

Plan A was to have kids that were super well behaved and patient and could just follow me around at work and not cause any issues. You know, like not making a mess in my office and staying quiet during meetings. Total fine expectations, right? This plan worked well for about the first year of being a mom because my first born was amazingly chill. But when he started walking and things got crazy. Now my second one is my "not-so-chill" baby. Why do they always turn out so different?

So onto Plan B! I tried my hardest to get Bernie Sanders nominated with his policies to help make childcare affordable and make preschool available to all. All my phone banking hours, social media posts, and vote in the primary just didn't cut it and we all know how that turned out.

Now Plan C. Join the ranks of entrepreneurs online to make a side income in order to cover the cost of childcare. Here is to hoping my encouragement and knowledge will be able to solve problems for people out there well enough to exchange it for a little dough. I officially registered as a business in January and now decided to start telling everyone about it. With my family being top priority and my church being the second, I have to find ways to hold myself accountable to getting this side venture up and running as priority number three.

My plan is to provide an ongoing series audio coaching sessions to encourage people struggling with dieting and body image in the skills of mindful eating and self confidence so you can love food and life to the fullest!

How can you help?

#1. If you think what I am working on is cool and will encourage and inspire people, share my blog post! Word of mouth (via social media) is a powerful thing, or so I hear. Also you can "Like" my Health Coach Ruthie Facebook page.

#2. Once I am ready with my audio health coaching sessions I am going to need a group of beta testers. If you want to be one of them, let me know!

#3. I am teaching myself WordPress, email automation, & Facebook marketing. If you are skilled in any one of those and want to volunteer a night of your time to come and help me out, I will order your favorite take out meal for you for you to eat while I ask you a lot of questions and show you what I have been working on!

#4. Like I said, this was my third idea of how to solve my childcare issue. My hope is that this health coaching works out and is helpful and encouraging for people! Mindful eating and working on my body image issues has been so rewarding for me this past year! But if you are skilled in contingency planning, let me know a good "Plan D" so I have some options! Ha Ha!

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Health Coach Ruthie

Ruthie Mhanga loves to encourage others in finding joy in life! Ruthie finds joy in being a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. After concerns during her second pregnancy were discovered with her weight gain, Ruthie knew she had to do something about her destructive relationship with food and binge eating (especially doughnuts...). She has found freedom from food with the skill of mindful eating and hopes to encourage others that making peace with food is possible!

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